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SAVVINESS was launched in 2018 to provide personalised strategies and support for small business owners who need help with their marketing.  


Director and Marketing Strategist, Tiffany Bennett has spent a lot of time with different small business owners and has seen what it costs a business when they don't take their marketing seriously.  She regularly hears ... "I don't really know what marketing I should be doing", "I'm feeling overwhelmed with how much I have to do", "I don't understand social media or digital marketing", "Nothing I'm doing is working", or "I don't have the time for marketing".

After looking into these complaints a little deeper, Tiffany found that most small businesses don't have a marketing strategy or plan and before they can figure out how to get their marketing right, their business is starting to struggle financially.

Business experts will tell you that long term business success is dependant on the time and resources business owners can invest in their marketing.  People who have a successful, growing business are savvy with their marketing.  They have a strategy that is personalised for their business which is aligned with their goals so they clearly know what marketing they need to be doing.  They also regularly review their marketing see what is and isn't working and what changes they can make.  

SAVVINESS is based in Adelaide, South Australia and works with both local and online clients.

I'm always investing in my learning so that I can provide my clients with the best and most relevant information.

Some of the recent courses / events I have attended:

- Kerwin Rae - 'Nail It & Scale It' 3-day workshop
- The Speakers Institute - 'Premiere Bootcamp' 3-day workshop

- The Mojo Master - 'NLC 1 (now High Performance Coaching & Leadership Level 1)

Tiffany Bennett



I’m a marketing professional with over 17 years experience working in different marketing, event and consulting roles. While I have been the hands-on marketing 'doer' for many of my employers and clients, my real strengths are strategy, planning and looking at the bigger picture for small businesses.  I now call myself a marketing strategist and want to continue to grow my reputation as a small business marketing strategy expert that gets results. 

Creating SAVVINESS has given me the opportunity to combine my love of business with being able to share my marketing knowledge and experience to help passionate business owners achieve their goals.  I'm often told that I help people feel more motivated and positive about their business after spending time with me.   And I love that!

Away from SAVVINESS my life is busy running around after my 3 sons and keeping my family and I healthy.  I used to dream of being a professional tennis or basketball player. I later found out that I’m a better marketer, so here I am!