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Marketing can be a frustrating part of being a small business owner, especially when it feels like the options keep growing and you find yourself questioning what you should be spending your time, energy and money on.  That's why you need a personalised, simple marketing strategy for YOUR business.


Strategy' -

'A strategy is a general plan or set of plans intended to achieve something, 

especially over a long period.'

Your marketing must be unique to your business and it is so much more than just advertising and social media. You need to ensure that your brand, offering, target audience, and goals are aligned with how you are 'attracting' people to your business, and then how your 'experience' is nurturing and retaining them.  

There is no 'one size fits all' solution when it comes to marketing your business.


"Without strategy, execution is aimless.  Without execution, strategy is useless."

- Morris Chang


If you are driven to build a business that allows you to create the life you want to live, doing what you're good at and gives you a purpose to get out of bed every day to do more of what you enjoy.....then SAVVINESS is here to help you make that a reality.


We work with small businesses that are run by a solo operator or have a small team.  The business owners are open-minded, have a love of learning and want to reach more people with what they have to offer.   They know that they can only achieve so much trying to do everything themselves and that they need to grow a strong support network around them to get to where they want to be in business, and in life. 

Is this you?


If you are ready to get savvy with your marketing to move your small business forward, then let's get to work.

Apart from some group workshops, the only way you can work with Tiffany on your marketing is with a 1-1 consult or session.   These are always focussed on either your strategy and/or how you are going to get your marketing tactics done.